Whales, Guns and Leprechauns

We have started doing pilates.  Thats pretty fun.  We borrowed a DVD from Kater that has 5 10 minute workouts for different targeting.  It’s much easier to say “I’ve got 10 minutes right now” than “I’m gonna drive somewhere, pay someone, and spend 20/30/60 minutes there with other people” ya know?  Gotta stay lookin gooood.

Last Wednesday, St. Patty’s day, Our friend Stephanie stopped in on her way from Kansas to Texas and We all hopped in the car and took a day trip.  Catoosa, OK-home of the “Blue Whale” was first on the list of things to see.

Of course We had to climb inside and on top of it =)

The whale was obviously old, and it was pretty cold that day, but it was still pretty cool to see.  Going out over the water and fishing off the whale and picnicking at the tables is probably a blast in the warmer weather.

After We left the whale, We drove out to Claremore, OK…home of the World’s Largest Private Gun Collection; J M Davis Arms Museum.  Over 10,000 guns!

They had an anti-tank gun:

They had knives with guns on them:

They had all kinds of crazy old posters…I think this was my favorite:

They also had a giant Nazi section:

They had beer steins of every shape and size, animal heads and skins, and a bunch of indian weapons:

We made it about 1/3-1/2 way through and decided they were starting to all look the same.  It was crazy big and We had other things to see with increasingly less time.

We stopped a few places along the way for scenery pictures, which will soon be posted in a sister blog of Cali’s…more info on that soon.

Next place of interest for Us was Vinita, OK and the Summerside Winery.  It took Us a minute to realize that it was on “Historic Rt 66” not just plain old Route 66, but once We found it We were glad We did.  We were the only people there when We arrived, which was great because We got the full attention of the friendly staff.  We tasted several of their wines and used their restroom (which was amazing and I failed to get a picture of it) and then We were given a tour of the back of the winery where they bottle their wine.  I had never seen anything like it.

We got to see raw wine fermenting:

And were given a taste straight out of one of the 500 gal tanks:

Before We left, We were shown how the cork machine and seal machine work.  They had finished bottling a bunch of wine and had a bottle at the end that hadn’t filled but half way, and they corked, sealed and labelled it and let Us take it home!  Thanks guys!!

It has since been consumed =)

After the winery, We drove around the Grove, OK area and almost got to the Missouri state line by accident!  We took more scenic pictures and stopped in at a broken down old building to explore the inside.  We had a nice drive back to Tulsa and as We pulled into the parking lot at the apt, We heard a radio announcement to text the station and win some tickets to Black Eyed Peas concert after party thing.  He said to text why We should win the tickets…so I texted “We should win because We are hot, travelling the US and happen to be in Tulsa this month. Plus the party don’t start til We walk in”.  They agreed, and I won.  We ate some dinner inside real quick and headed out to Rehab Lounge for some St. Patty’s Day fun.  I managed to only take 2 pictures that night, and they look remarkably alike…I dont remember much of the end of the evening, but I know I danced and woke up feeling like poooop.

The next day We got out of bed around 4pm and hung out at the tattoo shop for a while before going home to watch movies and relax.

Friday was an absolutely beautiful day.  The weather was perfect, it was warm and sunny and We hung out outside for a little while.  Saturday though…Saturday was some bullshit.  We woke up to snow on the ground.  It snowed all day and night and got like 8-10 inches.  I posted a video on my YouTube channel.  There are other videos from Our trip on youtube…my channel is Hisnumber2.

Click here for video

The snow didn’t keep Us from getting dressed up and going out…after all the BEP after party was that night.  We had dinner at this place called “Genghis Grill” where you go through a line and fill your bowl with meat and vegetables and spices and then choose a starch (rice, noodles, etc) and they cook it on a giant grill in front of you.  So.  Good.  After dinner, We had drinks with Kater and headed to the party.  It wasn’t amazing, We got bored and left around midnight.  While We were there, Cali was approached by 2 radio personalities who were interested in His appearance.  Like everyone else, they were envious of Our journey and took Our picture while asking questions.  Kinda cool…being a tourist and an attraction.  We ended up at Rehab again with some pals to round out the night =)

That all brings Us to Sunday.  Sunday, I was glad I didn’t drink Saturday night.  Daddy felt like shite, and I got tattooed for HOURS.  About 5 of them.  We got one side done and the other side outlined…but its nothing less than amazing.  Heres a sneak peek…

Yes folks, from left to right, thats skittles, a Twinkie, a hard candy, an oreo, a doughnut, and the centerpiece cupcake I’ve had for over a year (which was gone over that night as well).  I’ve all but given up eating all those things and I love them.  Obviously, I love them enough to put them permanently where they always end up anyway-my hips!!

Today I realized that machines really are taking the place of people…I got to order food from one.

We are having such a great time…sometimes I realize how happy We are and its weird.  It makes me realize that it could all just be gone in an instant and I want to enjoy everything I can.  When I feel myself getting upset, or even irritated I think about how in the next second, life could change forever and I might never get the chance to be happy again.  The same is true for everyone.  It could all be gone in an instant and the little stuff that we let get so big can ruin an amazing time.  I miss my kids.  My gma and mom.  My bff and a few others…but I am happy.  We are happy…and in a life where nothing is real except for now (and even that is philosophically up for debate)-what else can I do but enjoy the ride?  Please do the same…love it.

Stay tuned…

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