More penguins…and a donkey

So the internet where We are staying is crappy at best. I did happen to find a blog application for my phone though. 🙂 I have one of those new android phone things and they have an app for everything! I would be posting more, I think, if it weren’t such a hassle or didn’t take for freaking ever. It’s like having dial-up again!

We have had a few adventures since I wrote last. I got into a bar fight (gasp) and that was interesting. Some chick got mad at her friends ex boyfriend and threw her beer at him…and missed. She did, however, get it all over Us. We don’t even like beer. After she threw her beer, she ran to the bathroom. Pussy. When she came out, Cali stopped her and told her she got beer all over Us and she said “yeah, so?” And so He dumped His full red bull vodka SLUSH on her. She, of course, freaks the fuck out and runs off screaming to her boyfriend. In Our head, everything is even and square…not so much in hers. Cali was ordering a drink to replace His when beer chick comes flying out of the shadows onto His back. She barely made contact before I removed her to the floor and proceeded to introduce my fists and elbows to her head and face. The bouncers grabbed her and Cali grabbed me. On her way out the door, she kicked the door guy in the nuts. Twice! In the scuffle, she managed to knock Cali’s Burberry sunglasses off His face and rip the hood off of His sweatshirt and scratch my face. Apparently she acts crazy a lot since she got kicked out and We didn’t. Ps her boyfriend was the bass player of the band onstage there that night. Jejejeje  It was also the night of the donkey.

I hate it when I’m cold, and someone tries to “convince” me it’s not cold. I mean seriously…how is you blabbering about how comfortable you are gonna warm me up? Perhaps I get cold easy, its been said before, but when I say “I’m cold”, someone responding with “its not cold its great” isn’t gonna raise my temp k, good. Thanks.

We have been watching Nip/Tuck from the beginning! Our friend has them all and We have made it through season 1 and halfway through season 2. We like watching shows better that way. No commercials, no waiting for next week or next season. We watched all of “Dexter” in january and that was pretty damn awesome.

I have cut back smoking cigarettes. I still really enjoy smoking, but one pack is lasting me about a week! I didn’t do it intentionally though. One day I realized I hadn’t had a cigarette all day and I hadn’t wanted one. I had them, it just didn’t cross my mind. Weird.

The plan for next month so far is camping in Utah park areas for about 10-14 days. I been camping before…but wtf do I know about camping for 2 weeks? Srsly? It will be an adventure. Its gonna super cold at night. We have discussed doing some more work on the car first (suspension stuff) and letting it warm up a bit before doing the camping…who knows what He’ll decide 🙂 its like christmas. I might not find out until We are in the car driving. How much fun is that?? I’m stoked!

We went to the “Philbrook Museum” here in Tulsa on Saturday. It is free on the 2nd sat. of every month…We did not know, however, that it was “family day”. Yay. The kids in the museum were actually pretty well behaved and after the initial shock of all the rowdy kids in the lobby, We had an awesome museum date. The Philbrook is a giant old house with so many rooms it was almost like a maze with 3 levels. I saw my first pieces by Picasso, Renoir, Van Gogh and others. Uh. Mazing. The museum also has several outdoor gardens, a waterfall garden, a gazebo, walking paths…it was a beautiful day and We took advantage of the outdoors.

We have been searching for more penguins. I called the zoo and got the list…there are 100 of the damn things. Some of them are no longer up and some were stolen or moved…but damnit We are tracking them down! We have found 9 I think.

Cali cut some vines on Kater’s ribs the other night…very nice.

Thank you, come again.

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