Penguins, laundry and indians…oh my!

Fancy meeting you here…

I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been researching blog sites to find one that I love. I liked the other ones ok, but it just wasn’t working out. I needed to break up with them, and I didn’t know where to turn. Thanks to Lor, I found We’ve been together for a few days now! I look forward to a long, healthy relationship. Subscribe, enjoy, and read on. Thanks.

Again, I will suggest reading the  first Oklahoma blog (<—–click that)  before continuing. It’s the beginning of Oklahoma, and you don’t want to miss it. Good stuff. Lots of pictures (including the apt We stay in-wow). Wouldn’t import, but worth the click and read.

Last time we met here, I left you at a lazy Tuesday of blog writing. Wednesday I spent the day online working on the technical aspects of my blog page…booooring. Thursday though-Thursday was fun.

In Tulsa, there is a laundromat called “University of Wash”. We decided against traveling into the basement at the apt building to do laundry and everyone We asked directed Us to UofW. The description was always the same-“There’s a bar inside. You can drink beer, smoke cigarettes, play pool…AND do your laundry”. Amazing. They weren’t kidding. I think those were the best loads of laundry I ever did. The lady running the place actually complimented me on being neat and NOT leaving a mess. Can you imagine the amount of soap a drunk person would spill? We were sober though…early in the day for Us, but We ordered a pitcher of beer for the novelty, ya know?

Lots o hippies in that place, but it was an enjoyable time. Thumbs up.

After laundry, We went “home” for a bit, and I put on some craziness to carry on the “opening night dress up” tradition. We have only done it once before, (New Moon)-

but if you don’t keep doing it, it can’t become a tradition, right? So I put on this for “Alice in Wonderland”:

We scooped up Kater and got appetizers and drinks and headed over to the movie theater for Alice! We bought tickets last weekend for the first showing at midnight…3D IMAX! No line waiting, just good seats. It was a beautifully visual movie, but it wasn’t quite as awesome as I wanted it to be. The glasses, however, were very awesome.

Not disappointed though. Had a good time. Kater fell asleep 🙂

Friday was spent just hanging out. We watched “Zombieland” and “Big Stan”, hung out at the tattoo shop for a while, nothing exciting. Saturday, Cali woke up super congested so We spent the day resting Him. Blah on that BS. If either one of Us got sick right now…suuuuuuck. Sunday, We decided to check out the “Sonic Center of the Universe” in Tulsa. It was kinda freaky. The echo you hear when you stand in the center is very strange, but move just a few inches across flat ground and it disappears.

I’m sure We will go back and get better pics, but look at the link and it’ll tell you all about it. Definitely a cool place to stop by. There were people there when We got there, and more people came before We left so it seems to be a popular place. It’s on a footbridge over train tracks, which is also very cool.

After the Center of the Universe thing, We went to an “Agro” meeting. Agro is a suspension group for this area and some of the guys in it are people He knows from Texas and stuff. They are self admittedly a “baby group” and after 3 hours of standing around, a girl went up for her first time. 4 hooks in the back…

she pussed out after a bit so We left. I gotta say, I’m still pretty proud of myself for mine. =)

Randomly- all over Tulsa there are penguins. When the zoo was trying to rebuild the penguin habitat, they began a fundraiser that allowed people to buy the rights to paint these penguin statues however they wanted. We will be driving down the street and randomly, in places you wouldn’t expect, there will be a crazy dressed penguin. Like these guys…

There will be more and I will capture them. Every single penguin I see…none will escape.

Today, We took a 250 mile roundtrip day ride to the Tahlequah Cherokee Heritage Museum.  It was raining, but that didn’t stop Us from taking the outdoor guided tour of the ancient village.

We also drove out to “tenkiller lake”  Nothing particularly exciting about it, just a cool name =)

Our upcoming plans include a scenic and museum filled drive up “historic” route 66 and coming back to Tulsa by way of several state parks, a visit from a friend passing through on her way to Texas on St Patty’s, a trip or 2 to OKC for various activities (omniplex link) and several daytrips and picnics in the surrounding parks. April 1st We drive through OKC and Texoma (ghost town) and it’s off to Albuquerque, New Mexico for an easter suspension, a birthday party and time with some loved ones. A short time, but a good one. The first week of April, it’s Destination: Utah.

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