So today was halloween and I have officially been on adventure with Cali for one week. Albuquerque New Mexico. I have been snowed on, played in it on the mountain, taken acid and walked around downtown albuquerque, and had the most intense camel toe of my life wearing a children’s costume and tutus. Being here with Cali has been the most amazing operation of my life. I am never alone. I make no decision without consultation. I am more free than I have ever been and I have never had more fun in my life. While I miss my friends, and having a home, I am enjoying living out of my suitcases and doing whatever whenever. Some highlights…

Lisa. Lisa VanDyke is one of the most amazing people on the face of this planet. She is fashionable, articulate, and always on point. She loves snacks, she’s down for fun, and she has priorities. She loves her life, and she lives it. I applaud her. She is fabulous. Tonight, she was dressed as Lady Gaga. Bodysuit, fishnets, big glasses and a hoodie with the most fantastic bangs and elbow gloves Ive ever seen. Dancing up a storm and drinking warm tuaca shots, she lit my evening with consistent entertainment. From the people who stopped to yell “LISAAAA!” to the teletubby “gummybear” to eating candy with no hesitation, it was nothing less than FABU.

It was snowing one day when Cali and I decided to travel outdoors for adventure. I caught snowflakes on my tongue, I took pics of my footprints in the snow, I posed for ridiculously cheesy cell phone pics to send to friends and family. It was amazing.

Cali cut some chick, and in trade, We received some LSD and magical brownies. For 2 days, We marveled at the glitter around Us, and watched movies such as “The Labyrinth” and “Requiem for a Dream”. We wandered around downtown and looked at kachina dolls and drums, and did calisthenics in the crosswalks. Good times.

Point of interest- if you bank at CHASE bank, and you want to visit new mexico, don’t try to go to a local branch…there doesn’t happen to be one in the ENTIRE STATE. Have a debit card…Im just sayin.

I swear sometimes I think I could charm the pants off the president in front of a school of minors…Cali and I were visiting a friend of His, and one of her friends came over and was wearing a unicorn/pegasus costume. It was obviously child sized, and she was very small herself, but it looked uncomfortable. I had to try it on. Of course, I asked to try it on, and I put it on, with a little effort, and came out to model it. The best part was the massive camel toe I had from the short torso of this costume. It was…nothing less than amazing. She told me she wasn’t wearing it for halloween, but she couldn’t resist buying it for $6!!! I borrowed it (from this girl I had never seen before in my life) and I totally wore it tonight. Pair it with camouflage stilletos and black and white tuts and a bullet belt, and I was a tactical pegapussicorn. Oh the pictures. We ate candy, danced to thriller, and tried to order food-then Our credit card was taken home by Our server and We couldnt get the car to start when We wanted to go get food. So…staying home, getting high and writing blogs is how I close my Halloween 2009.

We are going back to Austin Nov 23rd to Dec 2nd and then We are headed to Sin city. Thanksgiving with my kids and then adventure time again. I started learning Arabic today. Cali is a good teacher and We have rosetta stone helping Us.

If anyone has any ideas of where We should go during Our travels around all 50 United States, let me know. We wanna see all wacky, weird, crazy fabulous things. Who knows, We might be in a city near you soon. Not that We will see you, but if there is something cool to do…say so!


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